Exponential growth

The Greer Lab is delighted to announce the first additions to our laboratory. Cesar Dominguez joins the laboratory upon his graduation from Williams College this spring. During his time at Williams, Cesar performed some incredibly exciting work on sphingolipids in Daniel Lynch’s (https://biology.williams.edu/profile/dlynch/). In our lab he will be spearheading a project aimed at characterizing how a new family of mammalian chemoreceptors is able to detect chemicals and transduce this information to intracellular signaling pathways.

Matthew Coyle will be joining us from Northeastern University for his Co-op internship. The Co-op program is a neat program at Northeastern during which undergraduates perform paid internships full-time for six months giving them an opportunity to explore professional opportunities while still enrolled as undergraduates. For more on this program please visit the Co-op website (https://www.northeastern.edu/coop/). Matthew will be working on a role for MS4A receptors in microglia during physiological and pathological situations.

We’re incredibly excited to have both of these promising young scientists on board for our scientific journey!

kate caprari
I get by with a little help from my friends

Although the lab doesn’t officially open its doors until July 1st, we’re eager to get the science rolling, and so we’ve enlisted a little help from our friends. Since we’re brand new and have yet to hire anyone, we’re relying on Paul’s kids to generate our data.

Pictures of Hannah and Jacob in lab attire

Despite their skill and tireless work ethic, we are eager to replace the two youngest members of our laboratory with more experienced scientists. Anyone interested in a position in the laboratory should visit the Available Positions tab for more information on how to apply.

kate caprari